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The Planet Earth Is Just An Art Project … ?

The Planet Earth Is Just An Art Project … ?

Is it possible that this planet, maybe the whole universe as we know it, and this whole life experience as we know it, is just an Art Project.  It is all just a class assignment by some even greater creator than we can imagine, for his or her students.

All of this is just a class project, an experiment, and the whole thing is going to be graded.  The greater creator, the Art Teacher is merely a member of a larger faculty.  Over him or her is some other entity, an Administrator or Dean.  And on it goes up  and up, or maybe down and down.  In speaking of this concept, could there even be an up or down?

I find this idea is not so difficult to wrap my own brain around.  Being an artist myself, whether I am any good or not (who knows, really?), I can sort of just feel it sometimes.  This doesn’t mean I am completely on board with it as a faith, as it were.
But, why else do there seem to be so many loose ends hanging off this cardigan of life everybody is wearing.

And, why does one individual species appear to have the ability to screw the whole thing up?  It’s as though some kid is doing a painting and a bit of … say, ugly kind of yellow starts streaking into every brush stroke.  Just a bit, by accident, and as the kid tries to get rid of it, it gets worse and worse.  No matter how many times he or she cleans the brush and scrapes his or her palette, the damn ugly streak finds it’s way back.

Say this paining is a landscape.  Streaks of this yellow, and it’s not a nice yellow, more of a sickly brownish yellow, muddy up every stroke of the sky.  Even the clouds look diseased.  And so on throughout the whole effort – painting.  But let’s say this project is not a painting, it is a diorama.  This same yellow gets on everything and the little plastic figures of animals keep falling over because the glue is cheap and the cardboard base is all warped.

Or maybe, the project is a one act play and the somebody in the audience keeps heckling the actors.  And when the heckler shuts up, one of the actors seems to be having a digestive disorder and has a tendency to fart.

The project is just not a good one.

Now as to the universe and all scientific knowledge as it accepted as fact amongst those of us who are sentient enough to be self-aware is any, even a tiny bit of this, in fact fact?  How can this be known if none of us involved as little parts of this whole project know?

We can’t.

How does a dog know that it is a dog?  We all know, and have heard many times, that dog doesn’t know what it is.  All it knows is that it isn’t anything else.  For instance a dog knows that it isn’t a squirrel and it knows, if it is a wild dog, that a squirrel is food.  That’s about it.  As, what we believe are sentient self-aware beings, we humans honestly perceive that we know what we know

It is the experiment business that is really the BIG question here.  That and the Art part.  If the whole thing was a science project, I think more of it would be more successful as a self-sustaining on-going result.  But it obviously isn’t.  Seems to me it’s far more random and interpretive.  Despite all the intelligent design people, I get the impression that whoever, the big kid, that’s making it, is not all that bright.

Have you ever seen a manatee?  Or a giant spider crab?  What the hell is that?  Human beings wearing mullet hairdo’s?  Huh?  On a global scale, there are now ocean islands, miles across, of garbage

The student knows it, the teacher knows and everybody else in this great celestial School of Art can see it.  “The universe, as we perceive it and, in particular, the planet Earth art project is a dude.”  It’s not a total failure, but the best grade it is worthy of is maybe a “C”. 

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