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I Don't Have Time ... Oh, C'mon!

I Don’t Have Time for (Insert Anything) … Oh, C’mon!

THE excuse for anything any person does not  want to actually do. 
 Whether it’s truly important, like voting, or say … reading, or just about anything that takes somebody out of his or her comfort zone.

And by comfort zone, I mean anything that requires effort, mental exercise or simply a teensy-eensy tiny tiny tiny bit of discomfort.  Did I say teeny-weeny-itsy-bitsy bit of discomfort? 

How many of us use Netflix?  Google says 29.2 million people use Netflix.  In this country there are give, or take, 100 million people.  Some 3rd grade math tells us then that, oh, about 60% of the people in this country do not use this convenience. 

So let’s do some political type math, which is math I wrangle into my own purpose (also called cooking the books).  Add this, subtract that, divide by the other, add back in some more, a little oregano, some mozzarella, and on any given night of the week, estimate there are … like … 20 or 30 million adults watching television where commercials are forced upon them.

Live sports games or contests, like American Idol, etc..  Nobody wants to watch these when the results are already common knowledge.  You want to see them LIVE – as they are happening.  It’s just uncool to show up at work or school and not know that the Dallas Cowboys were beaten, in overtime, by the Des Moines Cumquats.

During any live nationally televised 60 minutes of football, which takes about three hours to show, you get (do the math) 120 minutes of commercials minus, say, 15 minutes for the Halftime Show.  So now using religious math, we get about 100 minutes of, “Buy this beer, soda pop, car, truck, insurance, toilet paper, some more beer (or other beer), a different truck (this one can pull a 707 jumbo jet – we all have one of those laying around we need to pull places, right?), I dunno. 

Commercials on enhancing your maleness, for some reason, well … I can see that just might be important.  For at least some of the viewers…   Hmm … I don’t really have a call on that one.

Just imagine all the most useless crap it’s possible to manufacture and while sitting there, in one place, not really moving anything but your hand (plus arm) from the chip bowl, to the dip bowl, to your mouth, you get 100 minutes of absolutely useless visual and auditory bullshit forced upon you.


HEY!!! I find time for getting a haircut and I’m bald!

But you DO NOT have time for – say – driving safely.  Let’s be honest, at the root of road rage is the “I don’t have time for this shit.”  When traffic slows slightly, or somebody is … like, doing only doing the speed limit plus five.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TIME to go to respect someone else’s life.  You can’t just take a deep breath and tell yourself, “I have time to not kill someone else by just finding the time to not be an assehole.

Somehow there IS time to loll around in front of the TV with Dorito crumbs all over your shirt, or blouse, watching middle-aged guys whine about limp biscuits.  In-between five minute chunks of super-dumb sitcom drivel.  BUT, not enough time to do any of a hundred things that would make someone else’s or your life, or even the whole planet, a better place?

The point being that even with something that makes a non-activity like watching television very convenient, and removes all the commercial boloney, the vast majority of sentient beings STILL choose to waste an enormous amount of time.  On doing nothing and even wasting most of that time with something even more worthless.

sigh …

Don’t get me wrong, I love television and I DO watch a lot on Netflix.  In fact there are a number of television shows I could not stand with the commercials in them and really love without the commercials.  I find it quite surprising how good a lot of television programs actually are without the commercials.  There is a lot of good writing and acting out there.

I use the phrase, “I don’t have time for (insert whatever) very sparingly.  Actually I rarely use it, because I have determined, within my own value system, what it really means.

What “I don’t have time for ???” really means is, “I don’t wanna do that.”  And, “It’s boring.”  “It means I have to think about something and make a decision – a decision I will have to live with and what if I’m wrong and everybody makes fun of me  because I was wrong.  I hate that!  And, “It might make me sweat.  I don’t like to sweat.”

“I don’t have time.” also means (and this is the worst one) I am more important, MY life is more important than anyone else’s.  I am a King/Queen/Diva/Big Shot and anyone who gets in my way or tries to slow me up is going down.

I would much rather have somebody respond, “No, I just don’t want to do that.”  Or, “I am uncomfortable thinking about that right now.”  It may not be what I would like from them.  What I hoped to hear.  But, at least, it’s honest and we both can move on.  I’m not expecting anything and they are not lying.

A suggestion for the one about driving; “This situation really pisses me off, but better to deal with it, rather than make excuses and wind with somebody getting hurt.”

Even admitting, “Nah, I’m just too depressed today.”  I use that one a lot.  (And it’s true –most of the time.)

If you don’t want to do something, say that.  Don’t weasel around with the “I don’t have time … etc..”


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