Thursday, September 14, 2017

Dude! You’re On Camera!

Dude! You’re On Camera!

A tragedy.  A person is shot dead.  It’s a murder.  A horrible crime has been committed.  Bring in the Law.  A Forensic Specialist arrives.  A Police Detective and their crew.  A bullet is found.  Gunpowder blowback is discovered.  

Quicktime – the type of gun is determined.  Lots of computer research, say bout an hour, and the type of bullet, gunpowder, time of day … Vendors of that kind of gun and munitions are determined, traced and whammo!  The one shop that sells either of these is pinpointed.  Video surveillance is surveyed and no less than bout a hundred images are downloaded of a person purchasing that gun and those bullets.  Facial Recognition software is run – the person who bought that gun (etc.) is located say in another hour.  SWAT is on the road and the shooter is handcuffed.

Exaggeration?  It took the cops less than six hours to find and responsibly take out (kill) one of the Boston Marathon Bombers, find and apprehend the other.  And, that wasn’t even a gun, but a homemade explosive device.  Within minutes, video of the scene, every single person who was in the vicinity was scrutinized, analyzed … etc. etc.  Quite literally, thousands of faces.  Within minutes the manhunt was on for specific persons.  !!  Within hours they were found.

Should we license firearms in the U.S.A.?  WTF difference would it make?  Anytime anything happens anywhere on the whole fuckin’ planet, if it’s worth looking at, everybody on the whole fuckin’ planet IS looking at it.  At present I am sitting in a franchise coffee shop, on the ceiling are two (2) dome cameras.  There is not one square inch of this coffee shop that is not on camera being taped 24 hours every single day.  !!  What difference would it make?

I have in my wallet a Driver’s License.  It has a photo on it – a photo of my face.  I am about six years younger than I am now.  Facial Aging Software is available.  They can add or take out my beard.  They can put hair on my bald head, change it to a dyed black.  It would not matter.  Software exists that can take all of my soft tissue facial characteristics and examine my skull bone structure and 99% determine if it is me in a particular photo – or not. 

Some countries, like England, have more public and private video recording devices than actual citizens.  The ability to acquire and store nearly 100% of all human activity, pictorial, text of audio, is becoming pervasive beyond anyone’s ability to conceive.  Anywhere. Anytime. All the time! 

AND, it’s not going to go away until it is no longer possible to generate electricity.  On many American highways there are cameras that have solar power cells.  These cameras do not have any hardware cabling attached.  In other words, they are running off of sunlight or batteries powered totally by electricity gathered from sunlight.  These cameras transmit all data constantly and consistently to off-site storage – in the cloud.  “In the cloud” – or, data broken up by a process that puts bits and bytes on multiple servers that can be physically located anywhere. 

Open the “Monitor Activity” panel on your laptop or personal device and just watch as it scrolls the data it’s processing continuously.  Every nano-second, even when it’s turned off the I/O runs (In/Out).  Remove the battery.  The second it is turned back on, it will retrieve, from the cloud everything remotely connected to the unique identity of that device, that occurred while the fuck it was off.  Your laptop tells you when you missed a phone call on your cell.  Your cell phone tells you where your laptop is and just what it is doing at any moment of the day.  Your cell phone can tell you if you need to buy milk and can show a picture of the inside of your refrigerator if you are lame enough not believe your cell phone.  And, ten years from now, it can pull up and show you, or anyone, that photo, no matter how many times you try to trash it.

I have phone numbers and email addresses of people with whom I have had no contact whatever – for decades – that I cannot get rid of.  !! I don’t want to contact, or even remember (for that matter), these people – and they won’t go away!  I have been married for 41 years.  I quite honestly, have no interest in Asian or Russian Beauties!!  How TF did you get into my email???

A.I. exists now, today and it’s call The Cloud. 

You can’t run, you can’t hide – anymore!

“Smile, Dude.  Yer on camera!”

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Flowers and Lead

Flowers and Lead

My oldest dog just died.  We only had him for two years; we adopted him when he was 14.  Name was Merck.  He was born in Wales, so he was an immigrant I guess.  He was a great dog.  Loving and sweet, tolerant and chipper (on his good days).  And, quite a handsome fellow for a Border Collie. 

Of course, in our hearts, as a family, he’s only moved on and not really gone.  But as I was standing by his grave (which I dug – took two days) with our other adoptee, another Border Collie, the transitory nature of life flitted across my small mind.  Dogs can come into our lives as puppies, as did our beloved Max (a yellow lab) and we watch them age before our eyes.  Or, we can provide a home for older dogs, who have worked their whole lives as ours have.  Herding sheep or protecting our airplane runways from nesting geese, which can be quite hazardous for the airplanes and the geese.  Asking for nothing but shelter and food and love.  The most important of these is the love.

And, it’s not as though as humans we have greater lives, or are necessarily more important to the overall universe (?).  We just have longer lives.  Standing next to most species of tree or sea turtles, we are like week-enders.  In a microcosm, or possibly macrocosm (not sure, that’s a conundrum).  It’s been my experience though, almost all dogs that are raised with love and respect, just simply love back.  That’s about it.  If they are mistreated, or treated with cruelty, they will either protect themselves or will whither in spirit, shut down and die. 

And giving, showing, treating others with love is also, just so-o-o easy.  It is so easy to just love.  Yes, you can be hurt by others, and taken advantage of.  Sure being loving is often na├»ve.  Punched in one cheek and turning the other is maybe doubly (get it?) painful.  To many, if not most, it’s stupid and to the really stupid it is often seen as cowardly.  But, I’m talking about what quality of life a person chooses. 

Our human lifespan can be as brief as a dog’s.  Accidents, genetics, the chance of disease.  Our lives can be brief.  If we just happen to draw a good hand in the game of life, we can see many decades.  Occasionally even a century.  Juxtaposed to a dog’s lifespan though, we can choose to live that life in a high order and morally, or we can choose to be self-centered, self-serving and basically a shithead. 

Love” is, in my mind (because all important lessons are taught by parable or analogy) – love is like carrying around a flower, held out towards all you encounter.  It’s very light and pretty.  It is fragile and can be broken, but we can always find, or purchase (they really aren’t expensive) another flower.  It’s the symbol, or gesture that counts.

Hate”, however, is like a bucket of lead.  It takes a lot of energy to carry around.  A whole bucket, even a small bucket, of lead is really heavy.  You have to decide who to hate and you have to remember why you decided to hate them.  You gotta keep those things straight, especially if you live in a large urban place.  Just walking down the street in – like – New York, “hate that guy, that guy is okay, wait wait maybe he wasn’t???  What about that guy over there?  I think I’m supposed to hate him???  What were those rules again?  Was it race or religion?  Was it race and religion?  Just one of those, or both????  AARGgghhh!!! I can’t remember!!!”  What a dilemma.  Hate is so hard and heavy.

At my age, which is a lot of age, I just don’t have the energy and mental assuredness to deal with hate.  I actually never did quite get it, when it came to hate.  I did serve in the Army during the Viet Nam war, but I was really young and stupid and drafted.  Even if I had found myself in combat, which never actually happened, but if I did I’m pretty sure I’d have been killed.  “Why are you guys shooting at us?  Thud!!  Ouch!  That really hur……” 

One of my best friends in college was from Viet Nam.  I’m pretty certain, I’d have never figured out why I was supposed to shoot at them.  I’ve never like guns either.  They just struck me as – like – dangerous?  I mean – like – you pull that trigger and you are really committed to that action and if it was a mistake, you’re not gonna get that bullet back in the gun.  Sort of, it’s like voting for a President.  You put that vote in the ballot box, they don’t let you put your hand back in there if you change your mind.  That whole notion is also really heavy. 

So  … the next time you have to decide how to treat other people, maybe think about it and decide, “Do I wanna pick up a flower, or a bucket of lead?” 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Wham Bam – Another Scam

Wham Bam – Another Scam

My wife told me it has been disclosed (discovered) that those little devices that scoot around as robot vacuum cleaners are sending data back to some spy data server… ?
Like our cell phones are known to be ratting on us – all the timeeven when they are turned off (?) (!!!) 

I’m old and supposed to be retired.  I still work, maybe, thirty to forty hours a week making my Art.  Some weeks, twice that.  And it does sell , occasionally.  Not a lot, but some. 

So … I figure why not just get a part-time job – like being a barista or whatever.  I get some kind of junk email saying a major convenience mart needs workers.  Step Two: I go to that big company’s website and start to fill out an application (everything is online now).  Before I can finish the application, about a minute after I type in my email address, I start getting hit with junk mail.  !!??  I have not finished the application, I have – in no way – hit the return key or save draft button.  And the shit door opens and shit pours out into my email.

Not only that, BUT I start getting spam from a dozen (maybe two dozen) other job sites.  And, these guys are really tricky-wicky .  And, I can see they are super-psychologically playing on the less educated.  I can’t say sophisticated psychology, pretty lame – but still.  “Oh, WOW! Look at all these high paying jobs, and right in your neighborhood!!  You can work here!  BIG MONEY, and you don’t really have to DO much at all!  REALLY!!  Just follow these links.”

One that really got me going was, “Hey Dale, we’ve already hired you!  Just send us your resume … with your Postal Address, phone number and Social Security.”  WOW!  I’ve already got the job!! 

Questions (Red Flag common sense questions:
1. Why do you need my “Postal Address”?
2. Social Security ???  What do you need that for, on an application? 
3. How did I already get a job at a place I never applied to?
4. Who the fuck are you?  I can’t find any hard IP data on you.  I Googled your company name and your website is a dead-end.

As an experiment, I started a mail rule blocking these senders of all these job finders.
Every day, for about a half an hour, for a week, I put a block on every one of these guys.  It did not stop.  It did not stop!  They didn’t even change the sender names, they just roto-ed through a different IP. 

Three pieces of data and they’ve got you.  Just three.  Soon, they may not even need that.  They can just lift anything they want from your life.  Money (first), credit (if you have any) and – big theory here – your vote.  If they can pull your life apart from the inside, they can explode it from the outside by stuffing things into it. 

Second Question(s):
1. Why?
2. Who are these people?
3. How?  Just how doesn’t matter – at all – don’t bother to even ask.

Take one (1) penny from a million people and you’ve got $100,000.  Repeat this at light speed, a million times a minute 24/7 – the amount of money involved is just ridiculous.  So wealth, being translated into power, is beyond comprehension.  So the actual “Why?” becomes – well – stupid.  Eventually it ALL comes down to 1’s and 0’s out there in space – in the cloud.  Bit Coin. 

The people, whose lives can be instantly ruined, victimized don’t exist to those on the victimizing end – most of whom are also, truth be told, being victimized by somebody somewhere else.  We have become the snake, consuming its own tail. 

One solution, and it’s a really bad solution, is to lie (?) about everything.  Problem there is, it doesn’t work.  The MATRIX knows instantly if you’re lying.  Everything you say, or keyboard into a computer, is instantly tracked and MUST correspond, each data point to all your other data points.  Try changing one digit on your credit card, out of twelve digits, what’s one number?  A trillion, trillion convolutions of twelve numbers(?).  (Eh?)  BAM! No good!  Try it twice and you’re blocked – and probably put on some suspicious person (read data) list.  ATM machines will EAT your card!

My view is that there doesn’t really exist a U.S. Economy, a Chinese Economy, a Russian Economy, whatever -  there is just AN economy.  And, every human being is now a literal slave to it.  EVERYWHERE, EVERYONE, even the ones with the yachts with heliports on them.  IT CAN, AND DOES HAPPEN – the more you have, the more you have to loose.  And, something those yacht heliport users don’t realize, is that their lives are constantly on the knife blade.  The higher up you claw, the farther the drop and the greater the impact, when you do. 

The stories of this are endless.  Rags to riches, riches to compost. 

All I can say is, “Smile.  You’re on camera – all the time, all the time.”
“Et tu, Brutus?”
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study in a matter of theory and conjecture about human brain-mind development towards retaining ever increasing meta-cognitive development.  Based on Mathematics, and I refer to Base 3 Calculus. I wouldn’t expect a whole lot of people to give it a try.  But if you are in any manner open-minded and intellectually curious, the Math used is truly only a tool to condense the theory proposed. 

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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Vaporous Memory

Vaporous Memory

One of my sons, I think, could be classified as very wise.  In an otherwise normal, run-of-the-mill, conversation, he can come up with some thoughts that really give the listener pause.  He does read a lot and has a consistently good memory.  Quite often when I make a mention of this, he just says, “I came across, read, that somewhere.”

When my son does this, he’s generally paraphrasing, never exact quotes.  This is what a thinker does.  An intellectual; that is to take bits of knowledge from one source (reading) and one, or two, from other sources, put them together – co-join concepts.  And, bring forward an entirely new way to look at it.  That’s an open intellect. 

One of these concepts, philosophical themes, was that memories are actually merely developed convolutions in the outer layer(s) of the brain - the cerebral cortex (I believe).  Memories are not facts, they are no longer real things.  Of course, if they were empirical events in your life, they do seem like facts.  However, they are gone.  PAST.  Over with.  If there was a life lesson to learn from whatever happened, that is good to remember.  Always apply whatever knowledge gained, to future actions and decisions, if they will make your life better, in some way.

BUT, let’s say, you farted in church – or got tongue-tied during a public speech – some event that was deeply embarrassing, there is really no reason the continue to carry that brick around.  You can just let it go.  Take it out of your guilt basket and set it by the road … move on.  Because, it really is vapor.  Can’t be undone, but what is it, really?  It’s just a small dent in your brain matter. 

I know this concept has been around for a very long time – lots of various intellectuals have gone on and on about “letting go of the past”.  ETC.  But this idea that painful memories are not real things, like ideas or thoughts of grand adventures are truly nothing until you actually do them.  We all have the thoughts, the notions, of climbing massive mountains, running marathons (and winning) and/or sky diving, surfing twenty foot waves.  We don’t carry guilt around because we don’t actually do these things.  They might show up on somebody’s bucket list, but we generally just accept that bucket lists are not – like – Legal Contracts.

This popular concept of mindfulness, living in the now, is a good thing.  Mostly I agree with that.  The hard part is applying it.  A small problem with living in the now and being mindful about it, is that it’s still necessary to remember the important stuff that keeps you alive.  Like, that old person driving that huge old car, is not looking both ways before entering a main highway.  In the past, you have learned not to trust that person won’t pull out right in front of you – that they just don’t see you.  All kinds of little pieces of previous life experiences can really save yer butt.

This means that all the while you are being mindful – in the moment ­– you have to continually dip into your mind bank; a.k.a. memory.  All important and useful knowledge is, after millennia of study by great teachers and learners, built on a foundation of prior knowledge.  Simple life longevity is totally founded on this ability to learn, retain and adapt to changes in concurrence with empirical knowledge retained. 

How to make sense of this concept?  Well, it seems, to me, that it can be reduced to something fairly simple.  If a memory is heavy and painful, step around it.  Mentally perform what a computer does when you erase something.  A hard drive, or any form of digital storage, never actually erases anything, it just writes a little piece of code that says, “Ignore the following data” just before whatever you think is being erased.  At the end of that code string of erased data, it resets a command to begin reading code again.  In other words, the computer skips over the erased data. 

A good computer programmer can, if somehow required or rewarded enough, retrieve that data.  A friend of mine, who is one of these kind of programmers, once said, “You have to write it on water, with a pencil, if you don’t want it to be retrieved.”  The human brain is pretty much the same.  The memories never actually go away.  You can never actually rid your brain of bad data.  But, like a computer, you can practice skipping over the stuff that drags you down.

With enough practice at this, it becomes easier and easier to do this.  And, the weight of al that painful thought garbage, lessens and lessens.  This also helps you find mindfulness in each new moment. 

When I meditated, really thought on this notion my son put out, I felt a major part of my own continuing sense of deep depression begin to crack.  And, through that crack some sunshine began to break in.  It did sincerely change my life – or, at least, my life outlook.
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Note: for the brave among my dear readers, I offer a new, separate but different blog:
study in a matter of theory and conjecture about human brain-mind development towards retaining ever increasing meta-cognitive development.  Based on Mathematics, and I refer to Base 3 Calculus. I wouldn’t expect a whole lot of people to give it a try.  But if you are in any manner open-minded and intellectually curious, the Math used is truly only a tool to condense the theory proposed. 

Just published  “Twelve Roses for Kathy – A journey on a motorcycle out of the darkness of bipolar disorder”