Thursday, February 16, 2017

If Only We Had Known ....

If Only We had Known

Beyond the video itself ... the issue of Mental Health, or Mental Illness, is slowly brewing beneath the general (American?) conscientiousness – awareness.  The obvious tragedy involving mass shootings by young men (that should be unchallenged) continues unabated.  As much as the focus has been on that, which is understandable, millions of others go untreated and suffering continues to be buried.  As these burials continue, a tiny fraction of those buried, stew and brew and begin to time-fuse into potential catastrophes.

Along with those time-bombs laid under our universal global grounding, are the scores of millions who loose what could be productive lives and are forced to live far below their potential.  And, with that, more than anything else, we all loose.

As a member of the community that has been labeled as, with what continues to be growing strength, the Mentally Ill (Disordered), I can only say the stigmata that is attached will collapse under its own weight.  By this I indicate that today, everyone fits somewhere on the curve of mental stability (normalcy) – and I do mean everyone.  It is truly only a matter of where, exactly.  We, as a species, are ALL subject to this assessment, it is only a matter of how each one of us tends to react under extreme stress, and when. 

If you research the term “Kindling”, you find it basically means that ALL of us are subject to emotional stress and the potential effects of TBI and/or genetics.  Kindling is when the on-going, multiple, effects of brain trauma (from whatever source) build to a point where the brain flashes-over from a small (normal) flame, as it were, to a full-blown bonfire.  To a fire of uncontrollable heat and major destructive force.  And, once injured brain tissue does not heal – it remains damaged.  The regions of the brain that control behavior are often the first to be affected.

What this means, is that once you cross-over, or are pushed onto a part of that curve, past the nominal normal region, you can’t go back.  You either begin to decompose or you seek help.  It is often said, that you have to “let people hit rock-bottom” before they will get help.  One problem with that is that the unaffected remain stoically loyal to the concept that rock-bottom is an actual thing.  Rock-bottom is suicide!  That is what rock-bottom, is in the real world.  Or, more actually, suicide is what is waits under that rock.

And, it is so avoidable, it really is.  A kind word at some point karmically in the life of anyone at what is possibly a flashpoint in their lives, can actually save them.  One single word, possible only if stigma and judgment can be avoided and/or overcome, at the time when the affected person may seem least worthy, can save them.  A kind action.  Even a simple smile, even in the face of what might seem abuse from another. 

Yes, it is difficult to do – to reserve retaliation, or worse, revenge and proffer understanding and forgiveness.  It takes courage, high bravery.  But, the choice is there, to live with regret or with the knowledge that you did the right thing.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Do Not Kill Bluebirds

Do Not Kill Bluebirds

In my own effort to raise awareness on the matter of Mental Health - in particular BiPolar Disorder.  Only BiPolar(ism) since that is the only one I really have vast experience with, however, since my own mental disorder cycles have changed dramatically in the last decade, that may change.

Next, I am going to tag a video I just uploaded to see if all the energy and focus it took to make is worth making more on the topic of the video.

"Surviving Reality - Living with BiPolar Disorder"
If I find enough interest in the VidBlog, which I am calling "Surviving Reality - Living with BiPolar Disorder" © Dale C. Peterson 2017, I'll do more.

This is a major big, like yuge, topic and both being a person making my way with this challenge AND having taught (successfully, I like to believe) High School for 30 years, it's pretty important.

Mental Health and the potential disorders most commonly occur, as my own research - which is easily verified, is between the ages of 15 to 25.  Or, it might be seen during, or slightly after puberty.  Although due to possible "Traumatic Brain Injury" (TBI), it can occur at any time.  What I am saying, in part, is that - whether it is genetic or accidental, Mental Illness can strike anyone.

Now, there are a great many very good books, and probably other blogs and even podcasts, on this issue.  I have read many, many of the more recommended books.  My intention right here, right now, with this posting is gather data (as I have said) about whether or not my own little contribution should continue in some manner.  

Why "Surviving Reality"?  That will also be expounded more, with time and development.  Quickly though, I say "Surviving Reality" because that is was it often feels like to me.  My world and that in which I often feel like I am participating, are quite different concepts.  And, the many people I am acquainted with, who also live subjectively on the curve of mental health normalcy, tell me is how they feel.  Or, there is a commonality of perception of reality that is accepted socially and culturally, and there is ours, which must be maintained utilizing a number of tools.  I stress the word maintained.  (And, more on that later.)

So ...

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

My Advice: Avoid Your Own Reality

My Advice: Avoid Your Own Reality

Happiness.  What is it?  Anyone who will stand up right now and declare, “Well, I’m happy.”  I say, “Sit down.  You are irritating.”  It may be possible, to be happy, that is.  I won’t deny that possibility.  I also don’t deny the possibility that there is a God.  Some people, by required doctrine, connect the two.

When I began this piece of writing I was in a rather cynical place … mentally.  At this given time, that is not quite the case. 

It’s been a couple of days … my Artwork has taken a good skip forward.  Developed some new techniques, invented some stuff.  But, I still keep getting derailed by the TV.  I’ve been avoiding reality by living in the other world of passive entertainment.  Identifying with characters, plot lines and theme parks of the acting world.  Pathetic really. …

What I am saying here is that to really avoid your own reality, it’s fairly easy to embed yourself in somebody else’s reality.  These days, as a matter of fact, it’s too easy.  Just find something on Netflix, or whatever, and binge out.  I am intimating you would find something of interest to you – for me, for a while, it was documentaries on the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs.  Why, the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, I don’t know.  Truly, I do not know why the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. ???

But, it did keep my brain off of all the issues that had been banging around, like ball bearings in a tile box.  All the weird shit those guys were into like 4000 years ago, really helped my depression find a turn-around.  It was a completely different world for those guys.  My impression is that they, Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs., were able to live in a different reality than they were actually living in at the time.  Common sense, obvious empirical evidence, simple …… naahhh, that can’t be right.  But, in that reality, they invented from whole cloth, seemed to kind of work and they got all kinds of stuff done.  ((Credit where it’s due, really.))

It is possible to apply the reality of contemporary sit-coms, rom-coms, sci-fi coms etc. to your own.  Sometimes I do do that.  I find actors I think are really interesting or funny or are just really good at acting and have the ability to really pull a viewer into their role and plot.  I recommend not too much of that though, because fictional reality is sort of another layer of non-reality laid on top of non-reality reality.  And, the twist of somebody who isn’t really somebody else, pretending (acting) to be somebody that they are not, in a world, or situation, that is totally pretend, is tricky to turn off and get back to what is actual.  And that, can often throw me back into a bad depressive cycle. 

Mostly from the intrusive news services, we know that a lot, if not most, of the actors who become big shots and all that Paparazzi  fodder, tend to be just the same nutcases that the rest of us are.  They just get a lot more attention and since they seem to have a lot of money, they can buy pretty much any alternate reality they want.  And, their decisions have made it obvious money isn’t the answer.  Or, at least, money cannot buy the answer, and often, with enough money, a person can destroy their own reality.  Bad decisions can, occasionally, be corrected.  But, enough bad decisions, one after the other without a break in the sequence, can really fuck things up.

So this leaves us with, maybe, one conclusion; i.e. “avoiding your own reality by altering that reality in reality, is not the real solution.”  And yet, “avoiding your own reality by adopting, in a course of study, an actual reality, can temporarily allow for some form of alleviation from the stress caused by your own empirical reality.”  If not that, then altering the perception of your own reality by accepting that artistic interpretation of a different, and fictional, reality can be acceptable.  If the moment of that acceptance remains in full contact with the knowledge that it is in fact not reality.
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Note: for the brave among my dear readers, I offer a new, separate but different blog:
study in a matter of theory and conjecture about human brain-mind development towards retaining ever increasing meta-cognitive development.  Based on Mathematics, and I refer to Base 3 Calculus. I wouldn’t expect a whole lot of people to give it a try.  But if you are in any manner open-minded and intellectually curious, the Math used is truly only a tool to condense the theory proposed. 

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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

When There Are No More Old People

When There Are No More Old People

“May you stay forever young” – Bob Dylan circa 1967
I have said it before, and I will say it once more; This is not a blessing.  It is not actually even inspirational.  If you kind of think about it … it’s more of a curse.  To stay forever-young means that nothing will change in your life.  Being young is wonderful, when it is wonderful.

When it’s not so wonderful, being young can be nearly horrific.  Mostly in that, if you accept the one then the notion that, “Only the good die young.”  Means that if you’re young and good, then you’re also doomed.  (I have written about this before.)  However, what I have not put forward is the concept that also arises from the juncture of both of these old accepted (mostly blindly accepted) sayings, is that if you manage to live past being young, then you’re apparently not worthy of Bob’s Blessing and you’re bad!

Not just a punch to the jaw, but a stick in the eye. 

Now, common thought is that people are living longer than ever before in history – as far as we know.  Which is kind of true.  In the wealthier and more developed countries, a lot of people are living longer.  Existing longer, anyways.  Let’s say, “not dying young”.  And this either means the world is filling up with not good people, or Bob’s Blessing is falling flat.

Whenever I bring this up, all my friends, local wits, (or a lot of them anyway) say things like, “He means young at heart”.  Yeah, “young at heart” and “youthful thinking”.  Not to be a cynic, but I say getting old is a hoot and, to me, a blessing.  Sure, stuff starts breaking down – like, well, my knees no longer allow me to play soccer … or use stairs, for that matter.  But, I have more patience allowing me to wait for the elevator.  (emoji smiley face). 

But let’s be honest, people are living longer than the days when disease and the feudal system, hardship and starvation, etc. were taking them out before they had the chance to get old.  You know, like dragons and falling off the edge of the world.   Now that we know better, nobody is falling off the edge of the world.  Which is a good thing.  However, did you know (Dear Reader) that in this country, big stores have had to widen their aisles because two Americans, in their current stature, cannot pass each other in the dimensions used for previous generations?

Yup.  That’s just one thing.  It would seem that with starvation, in this country, being a thing of the past, the actual food people are getting is not actually feeding anybody – in a healthy fashion, anyway.  Plus, it has been noted, that the determinable fertility rate of the current young has fallen so low that in reference to previous generations, they are all eunuchs.  The birth rate in the developed nations is plummeting.  Along with the options for opting out of having children is being employed by more and more young.
If the old are generous with their acquired knowledge (empirical wisdom), it can save the young from a lot of problems and mistakes.  Assuming the young would listen, which for millennia, they have not – in most cultures.  There are many existant conditions today, which have never existed before, however.  Sketchy knowledge, as in lots of bad science and poorly researched statistics, is spread instantly across the planet via (what else?) the internet.  And, a great deal of human effort goes into building even greater sketchy knowledge based on this (basically) really bad system. 

Talk about, “building your house on sand” (Bible reference).  I saw an article on Yahoo! News about how bananas give you belly fat!  A banana is fiber and water, with a few minerals and vitamins.  Mostly water, though.  How is water going to give you belly fat? I dunno.  If you look at the source of this kind of science data, almost always it turns out to be some wizardly funky miracle product company trying to convince you to buy their sh*t.  And, this wonder crap turns out to be 99% cornstarch (in lots of forms you won’t find on the periodic table) and 1% dextrose (derived from corn). 

All-in-all this means that the global population, at large, is not growing old.  They are staying forever young.  By this I mean, the young, of today are not getting bad knees and arthritis.  You can medicate away the arthritis and you can just replace knees – so even though they are getting weirdly obese, what used to break down is now just a matter changing the oil.  And, they are not gaining knowledge with experience. And, the knowledge they are holding on to is shaky knowledge, at best.  So they will have nothing in their life bank of empirical wisdom, of any real value, to share with those young to come.

Does this mean that the old of the future will slowly cease to exist?  Bodies will exist longer, being replaced by fewer and fewer new people and those that are left won’t have learned anything from that lengthened aging process.  What will happen then when there are no longer any old people?
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Note: for the brave among my dear readers, I offer a new, separate but different blog:
study in a matter of theory and conjecture about human brain-mind development towards retaining ever increasing meta-cognitive development.  Based on Mathematics, and I refer to Base 3 Calculus. I wouldn’t expect a whole lot of people to give it a try.  But if you are in any manner open-minded and intellectually curious, the Math used is truly only a tool to condense the theory proposed. 

Just published  “Twelve Roses for Kathy – A journey on a motorcycle out of the darkness of bipolar disorder”

Friday, December 2, 2016

Secret Lives – We All Have Secret Lives

Secret Lives – We All Have Secret Lives

I didn’t see one of my very best friends for a couple of weeks.  Then she showed up at my local coffee shop and signaled that she’d been through another low bout and tried ending-it-all again.  We know what I mean.  Yess … the unmentionable “suicide”.  Ooh ooh – did he really just say (write) that?  Oh no!  Oh no!  Oh no!  Oh no! 

Well, he did.  Sure, it’s a horrible (taboo) topic.  But suicide is a part, a fact, of life.  I say that again – “suicide is a part of life.”  So is “addiction”.  Addiction is a part of everybody’s life.  Just open up, admit it.  Everybody is addicted to something, most people to several things.  Religion, religion is an addiction.  I know people who would crawl to church after a compound fracture on Sundays.   They would take Communion if it was served on a sh*t platter.  They would put their Prayer Rug, facing east, on a lava field, if that was where they were when the Mullah calls.  They would never pass through any door without tapping the Mezuzah. THAT is an addiction, no matter how you look at it.  But it is how they get through their day(s).

Of course, the biggies, after religion, are alcohol, tobacco, drugs and, I would add, firearms.  And ALL of them kill, eventually, in one way or another.  Now suicide kills and that’s that.  But many more people attempt suicide than we have any way of knowing.  Sure, there are a lot of statistics on this, but how many people are telling the truth?  Some comedian, or other person who people quote, once said, “90% of all people masturbate and the other 10% are liars.”  So, while that is kind of funny, how do we know if it is actually true? 

Part of life is knowing that life is not a ray, as defined by mathematics and physics.  It is not a straight line, starting at one point and continuing for infinity.  There is simply no way we can know that.  We do know that at some point we all did become aware and we know for sure, that at some point we, each one of us, will die.  Or, cease to be aware.  That’s really about ALL we can truly say we DO know.  As far as I am concerned, those are the only two facts that exist.  Everything else is malleable, even our understanding of gravity.  EVERYTHING. 

It is totally historically evident that as human knowledge grows, what we like to call facts freakin’ change.  Facts are rewritten ALL the time.  SO, while a successful suicide is tragic, humans do do it.  And, while for them it is the end of their lives, as soon as it occurs, it becomes part of the life of everyone who is related to, or ever even knew, them.  And, (again, the and) it becomes part of many Secret Lives.  For many of the survivors of suicide, both the attempter and many of those sharing that person’s life, the tragic and taboo nature of the act devolves into a secret.

If anyone ever openly admitted to attempting suicide, they would never be able to get a job – anywhere.  And, they would immediately be dropped from just about every social group they had been a part of.  And yet, being discriminated against for having a disability is against American Law.  And, a mental disability is included in this law.  In fact, it is not a requirement that any person has to disclose this information to anyone they do not want to disclose it to.  And, what does this mean?

I have a ton of experience in mental disabilities, no certified expertise, but a shipload of experience both with my own and the Mentally Disabled Community.  Within the secret lives of many, many of the mentally disabled, attempts at suicide are as common as orange juice at breakfast.  For most it really fits more into the genre of self-mutilation of some sort – like what is called cutting.  It’s just an attempt to stop the crazy in their brains for just a few minutes.  A little physical pain diverts that brain from the intense crazy for just as long as the physical pain lasts. It’s a stop for breath on a long uphill run.  That’s really about all it is.

So, again, what does it mean?  It means it goes into the secret vault.  “Don’t ask, don’t tell.”  Which is a concept that has also been debunked and ruled not only politically incorrect, but also illegal.  In other words, if anyone tells you they happen to be Gay, or whatever gender or sexual identity or practice they happen to identify with, you aren’t allowed to do anything about it.  That’s come out of the Supreme Court. 

Secret Lives, secret lives.  We ALL have them.  Or, at least 90% of us have them and the other 10% are liars.

 "Face the sun and you will not fear the shadows." - Ancient Aboriginal saying ...

Thank you Dear Reader and Joy be unto you.
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Note: for the brave among my dear readers, I offer a new, separate but different blog:
study in a matter of theory and conjecture about human brain-mind development towards retaining ever increasing meta-cognitive development.  Based on Mathematics, and I refer to Base 3 Calculus. I wouldn’t expect a whole lot of people to give it a try.  But if you are in any manner open-minded and intellectually curious, the Math used is truly only a tool to condense the theory proposed. 

Just published  “Twelve Roses for Kathy – A journey on a motorcycle out of the darkness of bipolar disorder”